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Stop Trying To Build On Union Street Off Of Emerald Ave

The Newman Center under Father Marshall has been trying to build a 5-6 floor Dorm and tear down the historic church that is there.  We must unite against this.  Please sign this petition. Here are four main reasons we don't want dorm built here.

1.Fit with community and how it was built from inception – A 5 floor, 260 college resident dormitory does not fit with single family homes, town homes and condos on the planned location.

2.Infrastructure concern – We believe that the location being considered on 14th and Union and the size and capacity of building will cause many issues. Foot traffic, car traffic, parking issues, trash issues, loitering issues, security issues, student commuting issues, general college resident issues to name just a few.

3.Concern with property value impact - Many homes will lose city views. Many homes will have sun blocked. Many moved and many seek to live on Emerald Avenue because it is a suburb community in the city – nothing like it. Property values will most likely go down as it will be undesirable to live next to a 5 floor 260 resident dormitory.

4. Chicago history - the site, located two blocks south of Maxwell Street which is famous in Chicago history, is occupied by a 2-story, brick building erected in 1869.  It has been in continuous use as a German school, Jewish synagogue, and African American Baptist church representing 143 years of successive waves of Maxwell Street's immigrants and migrants. It is a rare, pre-Chicago Fire building  designed by distinguished architect Augustus Bauer that we want preserved, restored and repurposed as a cultural anchor in our community.

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