Make ZOOM the Default Video Call Platform

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As of right now, the default video call platform for our learning and teaching needs is Microsoft teams. This platform has proven to not be the optimal platform for both those learning and teaching needs. Teams, as you may know, requires a large bandwidth, which makes the video and audio quality very choppy and not good enough. Some teachers have also mentioned that it's not very easy to share screen in Teams, compared with Zoom. In addition to that, Zoom has a gallery view that lets all participants' videos show up simultaneously when Teams only shows 9 people at once. This will also serve to support the school's new rule of everyone showing their videos during class. 

We hope to ask for your support to use zoom as the video platform. To clarify, teams will still be used as the main communication method between students and teachers and this change is only applying on the video calling aspect of Home-Based Learning. 

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