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2018 Ontario PC Leadership voting deadline must be extended for democracy!

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We the people of Ontario expect the Ontario Progress Conservative Party to respect democracy by being fully transparent with the election of a new leader!

I join Caroline Mulroney, Doug Ford and Tanya Granic Allen in requesting that the PC Leadership team extend the deadline to verify and vote for at least another week to ensure that all members have received their verification documents and the time to vote.

It is not democracy if 2/3 of the Progressive Conservative members are unable to vote due to either issues at PC headquarters or Canada Post. PC headquarters can easily determine by the many lists provided by candidates who has not received their documentations and can make alternative electronic means available to ensure we can VOTE! 

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party cannot expect Ontario voters to elect them to govern this great province with any type of potential scandal attached to the process of electing a new leader. Get it right! Extend the deadline! Be fair to all candidates and to all potential voters!


25.3 A leadership election shall respect the principle that each member of the Party has a right to one vote, and that the Executive shall ensure that the right to vote of each Party member is respected in any rules governing the leadership election.

If that weren’t clear enough – and it is – the Party constitution underscores the right of eligible PC Party members to vote in a leadership election with this:

26.10 Notwithstanding any provision in this constitution that voting shall open on the same day across the Province, the Executive is required to make provisions in the leadership election rules for an advance poll, preferential ballot and/or other means in order to ensure that the voting process is accessible and respects the rights of all members to cast their votes.

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