Global lockdown for 2 weeks

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The problem is clear. There is a virus that is spreading too easy and there is no sollution or vaccine that can stop it yet. People must stay at their homes in order to avoid social contact to stop the propagation. 
Once we can stop the propagation, people with the virus must be identificated and treated in isolation. That is the only way. 

The problem is that people are not listening, people are still going outside, for personal crazy reason (like grab a beer with friends, to go to gyms that are still opened) or to simply go to work. The last ones do that, because rents are going to be charged as usual at the end of the month, so they cant stop trying to sell something to get thru the end of the month and pay the rent. 

We need the governments to order a world lockdown for two weeks, that way, all humans will be involved. It must be hard, people must be pushed to be inside and go outside only for the basic stuff (if it is extremely required).  

Of corse there will be economic consecuences, but there will be consecuences anyway. Picture as if you had a knife stucked in your stomach, would you rather prefer take it out fast and painfully at first but you can recover faster? Or would you rather let it there bleeding slowly until you pass out?