Debt Freedom Bill (2017)

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Debt Freedom Bill (2017)

Essential for The mental & physical health of uk citizens.

1.Stop debt recovery from benefits:

Deductions internal and from external corporations such as,

tax credits, inland revenue over-payments,,

local authorities/councils,

& UK Courts

Causes hardship, the use of food banks,
& rent arrears/homelessness, council tax arrears


2.Re exempt unemployed & disabled from paying council tax:

Council Tax on average £20 - £40 pw, eats into the

critically low Average £75 per week jsa/UC payment.

This Council Tax demand, is equal to 1 weeks food money for
Some of the poorest in our society,
Councils will put your council tax arrears debt for sale to

a debt collector,who will put £600- £900 charge onto your

debt, plus phoney court fees.

Then your jsa or universal credit department, will deduct

on request of the council, your council tax arrears.

Further crushing your survival chances.
Even though they have been payed by the debt collector
on your behalf, without your consent or agreement,

a real Scam… against the residents of local authority areas.


3.Ban debt collectors from knocking on your door:

This can be a scary and traumatic situation
were a stranger comes to your door demanding money
or goods, drilling peoples locks and pushing their way into people's
homes & properties, many of these people are disabled, mentally ill,
old & unemployed, and in debt

due to deductions and  sanctions on benefits, rent caps, forcing payments of
rent from tiny personal allowances that
average £75 pw, stealing from the poor to pay the rich,

Causes anxiety & depression through fear & stress.


4.Ban illegal use of magistrates courts for bulk
warrants & Liability Orders:

The criminal act of fraud & deception of the councils who,

hire a room in the magistrates court building and issue

summons and Liability Orders as though they were a court of

the queen ( they are not ) these actions by the councils

are pure theatre and unlawful.

No justice without Representation!


5.Ban threatening letters from creditors about
removal of your goods:

This threatening letter, can cause fear & anxiety into the

hearts and minds of the people.
Threatening to take goods by force is a CRIME in the UK,

it's called Robbery, or demanding money with menaces,

under the common law any such behaviour would be deemed as

harmful,i.e, a real CRIME against you!


6.Ban acts of ( novation ) re- selling debt,or transfer of

contract/agreement, by any creditor including the councils

& corporations without your consent:

The sale of debt or transfer of contract/agreement to a

third party without all three party's agreement and signature.

This will in effect decline debt recovery services

massively freeing up the people from harassment and

threats, from debt collection companies.
improving drastically, the mental & physical health of millions

of uk sovereigns.



Christopher Genius

Uk Resident




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