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5 reasons why Tennessee should STOP segregating our Pups

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Lets face it, dogs are not only our best friends, but they have wiggled their way into our families and have rightfully deemed themselves the title of our "fur-babies". So why leave them out of our adventures? Hiking did not become a way of life until I adopted my fur-pup. Sound familiar to anyone? Sad part is, living in Tennessee, one may notice the severe lack in outdoor locations FIDO is allowed to roam; and having that off-leash freedom to explore, would be optimal. As a dedicated paw-parent, I find this information disheartening, and unacceptable. If you are with me, then lets dig up some places, our family members can feel welcome to be themselves!

1) Puppies have a high level of energy, that no human could possibly quench, unless they own 10 acres of property. If you live in an apartment, you may feel this ten-fold. Wouldn't it be nice to have a fenced in area that was not 10 to 15 miles away?

2) Until adopting "FIDO", I rarely found time to hike and explore my beautiful home state of Colorado. After tugging me out of the house, I found myself feeling more curious, enjoying the joys of puppyhood, and losing weight: Bonus!!! Now, going 2 days without a hike, makes life seem less positive and free. Hiking calms the mind and body, uplifts your mood; while trimming your waist-line and causing an unintentional balance in your health. 

3) Most states on the West coast have accepted the value of their four legged companions, and adapted to the health and happiness they bring into our lives. Tennessee could be  a trend setter for the East coast, by beginning the movement to keep moving. They made bicycle lanes already, although I see more cars driving in them then bicyclist bothering to use them. Lets start the change and make the outdoors more desirable again!

4) One thing that dog parks are great for, is for enjoying nature. Nothing has to be built, no environment has to be ruined, and there is zero waste or pollution brought on by making dog parks. In fact, one could say that dog parks conserve the environment. This makes dog parks better than parks for children. Nature remains intact.

5) The cost of making a dog park is significantly less than just about any other public facility. Owners would most likely pay an annual fee in order to pay back the cost of development, or to keep the parks maintained. The annual fee would pay for the other large acreage dog parks, and the smaller neighborhood locations would remain free. 

   As population grows, so does the way we shape our future. We live on top of each other in apartments, and we consume everything. Technology has become a way of life, and people have forgotten how to speak to each other without a device in between them. What if we encouraged the future generations to go outside once in a while? What if we teach them to make something out of nothing, to appreciate whats already here, and to not see the world as a place to just build things. What if our pets were the key to making this change? We owe it to our communities, to our health, and to our favorite family members who can't speak for themselves to make this a priority. 

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