#ShutItDown - End "#HeWillNotDivideUs" - The White Supremacist Movement.

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“#HeWillNotDivideUs”: A White Supremacist Movement

“#HeWillNotDivideUs” (Or “#HWNDU,” for short) is an art project created by Shia LaBeouf, Luke Turner, and Nastja Säde Rönkkö, to protest the Election of President Donald J. Trump.

The art project started in New York, at The Museum of the Moving Image, January 20th of this year. It was a camera planted on a wall outside of the Museum, where people could walk up and interact with others, all for one cause. The whole thing was live-streamed online, on hewillnotdivide.us.

“It started out pretty peaceful. There were maybe 50 or so people there on the first day, including Shia and Jaden [Smith.]” said a passerby of the event, who wishes to remain anonymous. “Trolls from Reddit showed up, and everything started crumbling after that.”

The event in New York was shut down by the Museum, after concerns of a serious attack were rising. Many months later, the “#HWNDU” project has recently put a flag up at Le Lieu Unique, in Nantes, France.

While some would say 4chan and Reddit ruined the original art project, others theorize that the original intent of “#HWNDU” was something different.

“‘He Will Not Divide Us.’ As in, He Will Not Divide the United States. The United States is a White-Dominated Nation. Labeouf, Luke, Rönkkö, all three of them are White. They mean that Trump will not divide US — as in White People. the US and only US.” said La’qui’sha’ni’qua Cisse, former Journalist for the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Perhaps the team’s goal of “#HWNDU” is to alienate minorities and exclude them from sovereignty from Trump’s Fascist regime.

One important thing to note, is how little Shia and Co. did to deter Trolls to… Well, Troll it up. Sure, a few plants here and there for Shia to act heroic against live on camera, to stir up Controversy, and seem like the Trolls can be scared.

Though, perhaps that’s what Shia wanted to do. Stir up Controversy for more Trolls to come in and spread their hateful, White Supremacist ideologies.

“Burn the flag like we burned the kikes” said a Discord user from the ‘Capture The Flag’ operations servers. “Kekistan shall not be divided!”


As an Asian/Mexican-American from Uruguay, I am deeply sickened by "#HWNDU" and it's message.

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