Do not change the LCHS mascot.

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Recently, a petition has come up to change the mascot of Loudoun County High School as it is deemed racist based on its origins. When posted most comments expressed outrage over the idea saying it does not as it was previously changed prior in 1980 and many other times over the years.

I was among the group who was upset by the idea of changing the current mascot as it in no way resembles or inflects the ideas as the original. The original, mascot (a soldier holding a confederate flag) was abhorrent, what it represented and glorified was terrible but we have both as a school body and raider nation moved on from that image by changing it 40 years ago to a generic cowboy-like raider seen above. I don't think even the most aggressive advocate of changing it would argue that LCHS would value or encourage racism, discrimination, hateful rhetoric, bullying ect. so to myself and many others what good does changing the mascot do? The main argument for changing the mascot is the current one is a reminder of the history of the old confederate mascot changing the mascot wont fix that, the history of the school and its mascots will be the same until we tear down the school altogether and that is obviously not possible.  If the name and iconography invoke that much hate we should also then change the state name, and flag (Flag of VA during the war seen HERE)

Another reason to consider not changing the mascot is its estimated that the change would cost around one million dollars. This is money that could go to the schools, money that could actually help every single student get a better education. That money is new text books, new innovations in online learning due to COVID-19. Supplies for teachers and faculty to help them better equip students with the tools to make them better citizens. That is money that could fix actual problems.

Ultimately I wish i didn't have to make this petition but i do in order to protect the legacy of thousands of students from being destroyed something that is a non-issue. So i ask that you sign it and share it and spread the word that you are proud to be a raider!