Stop Developer Chris Dorworth by Strengthening Seminole County's Rural Boundary

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Dear Seminole County Commissioners, 

We the people are very concerned developer Chris Dorworth will succeed in building his strongly opposed River Cross project. This project will destroy environmentally sensitive wildlife habitat and ruin Chuluota residents' quality of life by building over 1,000 high density houses and apartments within rural Seminole County.

We the people are concerned Chris Dorworth will follow the developer 'playbook' of suing the county commission for voting against his development.

We the people are concerned that Chris Dorworth's lawyers will expose loopholes in the current Seminole County Rural Boundary, written in 2004.

We the people are concerned that a judge will rule in favor of Chris Dorworth's development, based on the fact that the rural boundary was established over a decade ago.

We the people respectfully request the Seminole County Commissioners put a referendum on the November 2018 ballot to allow Seminole County residents to vote on passing a stronger, iron-clad Rural Boundary Amendment. The new Rural Boundary Amendment shall be free of loopholes and weaknessness and shall include a clause that if not passed by a majority of voters, the current 2004 Rural Boundary Amendment will stay in effect. 

We the people know that passing a new, stronger, iron-clad Rural Boundary Amendment is the only way to protect our rural areas, our green spaces, our wildlife and our quality of life for future generations to enjoy.

Thank you for considering our request.

Katrina Shadix, Director

Bear Warriors United