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Support Florence Roche School Play

October 6, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Priya Palakkal

 Changes to the 3rd and 4th grade musical this year! 

1. Morning Rehearsals INCLUDING 3rd Grade Friday Chorus are no longer allowed. 
2. Afternoon rehearsals are limited to only 3 days per week and that includes the half day Fridays.
3. Not allowed to have rehearsal on delayed opening days
4. Ticket Prices are limited to $10 for adults and $5 to students/children

Why are these changes detrimental to our play and our children:

-The quality of the play will not match the quality that it has been for the past 30+ years
-Children will have a shorter time to learn their part with no morning rehearsals
-With only 3 rehearsals, chorus has to be able to meet at one of those, which limits Mr. Wiesner's time with cast members.
-In the past, we were able to keep rehearsals to smaller groups, which meant more individualized attention for kids and their roles. Three days a week will make rehearsals larger.
-We will not be able to accommodate those kids who have other after school activities. With only 3 afternoon rehearsals a week more cast members will have to make most of the  rehearsals.
-Less revenue from ticket sales will cut back on the budget for all aspects of the show. That includes the type of musical that is chosen. (for instance: we must pay royalties to a company that own the rights to the show. If we don't have a lot in our budget, the type of musical we do will be drastically different)

Note from alumni parents and kids:

- Our parents or teachers did not force us to go through the rigorous rehearsals. We really enjoyed being part of the great show

- It taught us a lot of things.

1. to appreciate the value of practice and how it lead to a perfect show. 

2. it was a time well spent and we had fun performing

3. We are proud to be part of Ms. Jeffrey's musicals.

4. It helped the us realize our full potential.

Both our kids grew up watching Ms. Jeffrey's perfect production year after year...and they really looked forward to being part of the wonderful production from the time they stepped into elementary school...and the satisfaction and sense of pride and the joy of highest achievement they got after being part of the prestigious show was priceless.  the children had nothing but positive experience, and learnt a lot from voice training, acting, etc., that no paid program would have taught them in such a short time that too for just pennies. Being part of Ms Jeffrey's show has also taught my kids the invaluable lessons on perfection, given them great confidence,  and leadership skills.  

It brought a community of volunteers together to put in countless hours of selfless time and effort in making the show a success every year for the past 30 years.

Please help support the program. Thank you very much

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Signatures: 207Next Goal: 500
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