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New Tax in PR to Cigar & Tobacco Products Needs To STOP

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The Department of Treasury in PR has recently issued an additional imposed tax to cigars, cigarettes, tobacco products, etc that is certainly to directly impact thousands of people in Puerto Rico. From business owners to consumers, including many tourists. This will directly affect business owners in the island who will be forced to reduce workforce, reduce inventory and in many cases close shop. Unfortunately, this will be the reality of many businesses by having to pay $25.50 per pound of cigars, which is equivalent to 13 cigars toro size. Every business which sells cigars will have to pay that additional tax per pound of cigar that they have in stock. That will drastically increase the price of cigars in PR basically making the industry obsolete as compared to other places in the USA and other international destinations, where cruise ships make stops. Consumers and tourists will choose to buy cigars and tobacco products elsewhere directly impacting the cigar industry in PR. 

Nowadays everyone is aware of the dangers of tobacco consumption. Cigar & tobacco consumption is an adult decision, like many others that we make on a daily basis. Yet, such industry is always being attacked and under scrutiny than any other industry known to the adult population. More so, now in PR, which is going through a decade long recession, businesses are bound to be directly affected by this additional tax burden and consumers forced to spend their money elsewhere.

Not only that but the evidence points to premium cigar consumption being made by a more mature population so the young, teenager generation isn't even exposed to it. On the most part, cigar consumption is performed in "lounges" or designed areas for such so no one else is exposed to it. Hand made cigar fabrication is also part of the artesanal/craft industry, which in part defines Puerto Rico. Stripping us even more of that is taking away part of our culture!

Please join us on this petition to reevaluate, reconsider, modify or perhaps eliminate this measure that will negatively impact many businesses, consumers, tourists and cause a further recession on the economy of Puerto Rico. More so than being limited to PR this is also to create consciousness of the finger always being pointed to the tobacco industry in general. To do this is to directly target a single industry that is not forcing it's products on no one. It's a product that consumers elect to buy and shouldn't be the target of continuous increasing taxation.

I'm also including a link to other tobacco, cigar, cigarette petitions that I have been a part of in the past and are certainly pertinent to this very subject

Por favor al Departamento de Hacienda, Senadores/Representantes/Legisladores, al Lcdo José R Izquierdo en el Departamento de Turismo y al honorable gobernador Ricardo Roselló tomen en cuenta el daño que este impuesto creará a la industria en Puerto Rico. Ayúdanos a impulsar un cambio o eliminación a esta medida que tanto va a afectar a muchos puertorriqueños como tú y como yo que quieren trabajar dignamente y hechar a Puerto Rico hacia adelante.

Gracias por su tiempo y espero que tomen en cuenta lo aquí descrito para un mejor Puerto Rico... ¡Enhorabuena! 

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