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Revolt against the new Block Schedule requirements

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As many of us are painfully aware, next year's schedule will be a new and diminished block schedule. Instead of having unscheduled classes at the end of the day, they are now going to be in the morning. This means all students will be getting out at 2:40 every day and some with unscheduled will come to school later one day and early another, or later both days. This change is a disaster and will lead to numerous conflicts.


Let's start with scheduling, I'm sorry but the student’s, parent’s, and teacher’s schedule should not have to be altered to fit changing school hours. Most parents work full time which prevents them from picking us up and dropping us off at these new times, and in some circumstances put their jobs on the line to get their kid to and from school. As a matter of fact, a lot of students currently have jobs or even doctors appointments at 2:40 and shouldn't have to quit, work a later shift, or miss class because of this.

Second, the students and teachers should not be getting out of school that late as of course are work doesn't end when we get home, we have projects and homework, and teachers have to grade them and put them into school loop! This schedule change will cause our entire evenings to be engulfed with finishing school work instead of actually getting out early, finishing their work, and then enjoying the rest of the evening. This is going to do nothing but stress everyone out and put us in a crummy mood.


Another issue that will arise is the worsening of school traffic, especially at Millikan! I don't know if the district or even the school administration are but trying to get in or out of the school even right now without the schedule change, is about as easy as getting a biological man pregnant. Just imagine how much harder it would get when everybody gets out at the same damn time! Not only will it waste even more time trying to come and go, but it will also inconvenience the neighborhood and that's not fair!


And finally, the thing these changes will complicate the most, After School Events! Now, this wouldn't be much of a problem if we did not have that stupid time change, but we do and that poses a threat to after school events. First of all most “ASE” end at 2:40 and some of them we are forced to attend such as the Millikan's Homecoming Carnival! If this schedule change isn't rethought, we could be getting out as late as 3:40, which during daylight savings, doesn't leave us with a whole lot of daylight at home.


In closing, I strongly suggest you sign this protest form and forward it to as many people as possible, if not that, at least rethink or be observant to these potential issues that will more than likely result because of this lousy decision.






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