Transport Eligibility for Vaudreuil

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Currently, we have several students attending Margaret Manson Elementary that reside in the Floralies Du Lac area and municipality of Vaudreuil-sur-le-lac which are zoned for the school, however, not eligible for transportation.

I would like to request a bus stop for these areas in order to accommodate the many students that are zoned and attending Margaret Manson Elementary but do not have transport. This is where i will need your help!

As we are all aware, the travel from Vaudereuil to Margaret Manson can sometimes be challenging. In addition, rather than having 1 bus for all the children, we have several parents driving to the school. Furthermore, with the school requesting parents to reduce traffic at drop off, a bus would be an ideal solution that would help the students, parents and school alike. It is clearly a win-win situation.

I kindly ask that you join me in this request and please sign this petition so that we can make transportation for Vaudreuil a reality.

Thank you for your support!