Make Lido Blvd SAFE for the Long Beach School District children!!!

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Project 11561
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Enough is enough! Lido Blvd is a death trap, and our schools have our middle school kids riding along it on their way to/from school!!

We are requesting the following:

Crossing Guards at all points along Lido Blvd that children pass. (ie. Maple Blvd, Greenway Drive, Blackhealth, Regent Drive.)

NEW visible crosswalks along Lido Blvd

Police Presence along Lido from Maple to Middle school entrance

Lane Closure along North Side closed during school beginning/end times

Reevaluate BUS eligibility for LB children

The safety of our children is more important than a SIX LANE highway running through a residential neighborhood. Our children deserve a SAFE passageway to school.  There have been multiple crashes and deaths along Lido Blvd, and nothing has changed!