Stop using Rumphi Nyika Nthalire Chitipa road as a campaign tool!

Stop using Rumphi Nyika Nthalire Chitipa road as a campaign tool!

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Lazarus Chakwera and Tonse alliance leadership

Why this petition matters

Started by Mphatso Kayira

In 2019, i lost my mum in Nthalire, yes maybe it was God's time, but mainly i failed to get her to a good hospital in time due to inaccessibility of the place.

Farm inputs are always a challenge to reach the areas accessible by Rumphi Nyika Chitipa road due to the condition of the road.

Development in general is behind due to the inaccessibility of the areas, and in the rainy season, it worsens.

For how long will generations pass to hear this road being a campaign tool? For how long will Nyika be a place to be visited by those with 4 ×4 vehicles? How long will it take for our parents to access necessary things on time? How long shall our people be denied good transportation? Fo how long will we always worry about going home when there is need or just to bury a loved one? Worse still for how long will we live to hear about nothing tangible regarding the said road? Enough is enough, and you only toures the place during the campaign period, i dare you go through it now and explain whats the hindrance!! 

Those feeling the pinch lets hold hands and let these guys answer to our queries! 

I personally feel we don't and we shouldn't be referred to as Malawians if this road won't be worked on. Should we go for our own sovereignty? Should we be a republic that fights for its own? For how long shall we be neglected? Enough has been enough!!

43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!