Make Thicc Boi a permanent member of Laymen Gaming.

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The year is 2017,

Loot boxes are rife. Publishers are assaulting us with dodgy business practices and the future looks bleak. Mothers cradle their new born children in their hands hoping and praying for salvation. 

Little did they know that their prayers would be answered by 2 thicc lads from the land down under. 2 lads standing up against injustice, lighting the way as beacons of hope and protecting us against the savagery of a micro transaction driven economy. 

The only problem is. That 2 should have been a 3.

I, Uber Timmeh ( hath seen a glimpse of a future where the Laymen 3 conquer the YouTubes and it is glorious. We can’t let it slip through our fingers. 

With Ralph taking holidays in early 2018 to gallivant around the world taking terrible promo shots of himself drinking coffee in french cafes we were introduced to the THICKEST of Thicc boys.... Alec.

Alec has become a crowd favourite, easily showing I’m his unbeatable talent, his undeniable charisma and his obvious obsession with coffee and 2 bowls of stir fry but his place on the panel has come under threat. We as the Thicc Boy Liberation Front has made it our goal to keep him on the panel as a permenant member of Laymen Gaming. 

The thought of him being removed is an uffront to humanity. 

Our Demands

  • immediately upgrade Alec’s contract to full time Thicc boi
  • Issue a formal apology for not introducing Alec to us from episode one.
  • Burn the pink shoes on camera, edit footage into an episode of Laymen Gaming.
  • Rename the show, “2 guys, A thick boi and a terribly lit office”

If these demands are not met we will consider this an act of aggression and it will be responded to in force. You have been warned.