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To remove my sons special guardianship order

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It started in 2011 I had my beautiful baby boy jack all was fine for the first two months but then I tried to get my ex out of the house and I said I would phone the police to get him removed we ended up getting into an altercation which resulted my son getting hurt on the back of his head because I was a first time mum I was scared so I took my son up to the hospital to get checked out social services ended up getting involved they told my ex that he had to live with a family member that's when I started to get text after text saying I should leave my child with a family member  to get some rest at first I was glad of the help so I took it with open arms but then it started to get worse the texts started coming every night and if I ignored them I was getting visits from my ex and one of his family members in the end up I gave in because thats how they got me to feel like I couldn't escape in the end up the social services told me I had to give my son to his aunt voulantary and put him voulantary care but I could get him back any time I wanted but when I asked for him back they said no so in 2012 me my sons auntie and social services sat around a table and made a plan up for my son to return to my care then the day I was supposed to get my son back I got told my sons auntie was taking my son to prison to see his dad I refused because I didn't want my child to go into a prison that night I got my son back but I got told by social services that I had to let my son see his aunt so while I was at college I left my son with his nan and said that his aunt could come down the three days I was at college untiI got back from college the social services said I was doing well with looking after my son but behind my back they was telling my sons aunt to go for residence order so we ended up going to court and my sons aunt had said I was sleeping about at the time I was always leaving my son with other people and I was taking drugs now please be are in mind that I never had a boyfriend or even met any boys so i dont get how i could sleep with people i never got drunk or even had a drink while I had my son living with me and I've never touched drugs while my son was living with me and the only person I left my son with is my nan  I did everything social services told me to do so it came quite a shock to me when I found out that I was going to court because of what my sons aunt had said about me it went all against me so the judge decided to give her a special guardianship order over my son but the conditions was that she must not be called mum and that she couldn't refuse whatever contact I asked for so in the past 4 years of my son living with his aunt she is called mum down as mum under the school and she won't allow me to have my son by myself but all her family can see him and take him out bute and my family are not allowed to do that we have to have supervised contact even though I have another two children living with me and another one on the way so im asking now you now my story please can you sign my petition to get it evoked 

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