Laws for our pets

Laws for our pets

6 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kim Capocci

So police just came to mine

Due to a neighbour kicking my dog who has an enlarge heart.

But as my neighbour hasn't broken her bones nothing can be done

This isn't the first time and they are small chihuahua's

The police can't even arrest him

Due to our laws 

Even with proof ! 

So can we please make laws stronger to keep our fur babies safe. 

We share a path . Have our  own gardens. But in maisonettes.  So share a gate and path 

He goes out his way to go near my garden and on it which has no right to 

The police have told him to stay off my garden and to leave us alone 

I want laws that will arrest and fine people who harm our fur babies even if they don't have broken bones 

My girl done nothing wrong 

Even for cats ! 

Our laws are too soft 

Enough is enough 


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Signatures: 27Next Goal: 50
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