Ignore the muslim complaint about Nike's Airmax shoe

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Pål Piers
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Saiqa Noreen has started a petition against the Nike Air Max 270 shoe, where the text AMax on the bottom of the shoe when viewed upside down resembles the arabic text for Allah. Saiqa complains that this is blasphemous and disrespectful of the religion of Islam. 

The petition against this Nike shoe is irrational and ridiculous. That the text underneath the Air Max shoe when viewed upside-down resembes arabic text for Allah is strictly coincidental. The probability of Nike doing this on purpose is very small. Muslims need to understand this and not get upset about it.

This is a call for Nike and other companies to stop making apologies for coincidental, textual resemblances of Allah, and to ignore silly, irrational complaints about this. We urge Nike to NOT recall their shoe. Nike has no reason to apologize.

The reason for this complaint can be explained by pareidolia, or patternicity, the tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, or to find patterns.