Offering Pass/Fail Option for Texas Tech Classes Due to COVID-19

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Hunter Heck
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COVID-19 has forced Texas Tech classes to transition online, and many of these classes do not properly translate to an online platform. In addition, several professors at the university, though exceptional in their fields, have very little to no experience in managing online courses. For students, this transition has also disrupted the learning process as they seek to adapt to the adjustments that COVID-19 has forced. Outside of the classroom, our students face the additional challenges of managing their physical, mental, and emotional health during this epidemic. 

We believe that an appropriate response from the university is to allow Texas Tech students the OPTION to make their credits this semester Pass/Fail. The benefits of this process greatly outweigh the risks. It would be unfair for these set of circumstances to risk the GPAs of our students and their future endeavors with graduate schools and careers. It is more favorable for an admissions board or employer to see a "P" on a student's transcript than a grade that is well below their normal GPA. We fear that the transition to online learning for classes not intended to be taken through such a medium may cause an undue burden for students' health and future opportunities. We hope that the university will enact this change to benefit the entire student community and Texas Tech as a whole.