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Help Canadian Farmers Transition to Non GMO Organics with a 35% subsidy up to $350 000

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The Importance of eating organic, Non GMO food cannot be underestimated, our supermarkets are filled with foods inundated with pesticides, fertilizers and ripening agents that are carcinogenic and disrupt the human endocrine system and heavy metals that can lead to the early onset of neurological diseases and physiological disorders. 

  Most people want to buy organic, non-GMO foods but these foods can be anywhere from $0.20 - $20.00 more expensive than their non-organic, GMO counterparts and many families struggle to put food on the table as is, so buying organic non-GMO is simply unfeasible.

Not only is this unfair for the people who can't afford to eat healthy food; that they must deal with future health problems, this is also a ticking time bomb for our country's health care system.  As our population becomes increasingly older, with fewer young people to support the system's healthcare costs for the aged, the burden on taxpayers and individuals will be gargantuan.  It is easier and more cost effective to prevent a healthcare crisis than it is to fix one.

A subsidy to transition farms to Organic, non-GMO crops would help farmers to make the switch without forcing them to raise the prices of their crops or burden them with debt as they make the transition.  The increase in organic supply would drive down the market rate of organic foods, this would make it easier for manufacturers to include organic, non-GMO ingredients in their products, supermarkets to buy and sell organics to the public and for families, individuals and restaurants to buy the organic, non-GMO food that they want.

This subsidy of 35% should be available up to a $1 000 000 transition, meaning that if a farmer must spend $100 000, the subsidy will be $35 000, or if the farmer must spend $1 200 000 for the transition, only the first $1 000 000 will be subsidized at $350 000. This ensures that the subsidies will remain with small to medium size farming businesses, which are the large majority of farmers in Canada.

Raising organic, Non-GMO crops has environmental benefits as well; the chemicals sprayed onto the non-organic, GMO crops don't just end up inside our food and our bodies, these chemicals run into our soils and waterways, killing the insects in the soil that are so vital for soil health and depletes the soil of nutrients, exacerbating soil erosion on our farmland and, toxification and eutrophication of our waterways. 

The chemicals that accumulate in our rivers flow into our water treatment plants, increasing water treatment costs for our cities and towns and they flow into our oceans causing toxic, hypoxic ocean "deadzones", which have far reaching environmental and economic impacts on our coasts and fisheries.

Canadian Farmers take pride in the crops they raise, they carry on a proud Canadian heritage that helped build this country into what it is today, by subsidizing the farmers transition to Organic, Non-GMO crops we can build on that heritage and all of us can be proud to help the farmers usher in a new era of food products that are safe and healthy for us and our environment.

Please sign, share and petition your representatives to support a subsidy for farmer's to transition to Organic, Non-GMO crops because securing the future financial viability of our healthcare system as well as the health of our environment requires us to take actions like this right now.  Unlike smoking cigarettes, acid rain or flaming rivers, this problem is difficult to percieve, but the dangers of chemical runoff and it's effects are still very much present today.

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