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Over the past 4 years we have seen a substantial increase of parking tickets issued by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. In fact documented evidence establishes that an estimated 7.5 million tickets have been issued since 2012 for a city population that’s barely 1.6 million.

The issue at hand is the systemic discriminatory and predatory practices that adversely affect the prominently Black neighborhoods/communities suffering from the highest levels of property. 

Research shows that zip codes like 19121, in lower North Philadelphia, raked up over 120,000 parking tickets since 2012, while battling a poverty rate of nearly 40 percent. Upper North Philadelphia zip codes like 19140, 19141, and 19144 where the poverty rates range (officially) from 20 to 36 percent, and ticket writing is epidemic: Since 2012, 184,000 tickets have been issued in 19140, with its 36 percent poverty rate; 179,000 tickets have been issued in 19141 with its 20 percent poverty rate, and 105,000 tickets have been written in 19144.

Other zip codes like 19121—with a poverty rate of 39 percent—have been battered with 120,000 parking tickets since 2012. And in 19123, where the poverty rate is 32 percent, the number of tickets has exceeded 200,000. In 19104—struggling with a 33 percent poverty rate—there has been an inexplicable 708,000 parking tickets written in that four-year period.

Yet, wealthier and/or whiter zip codes don’t have to worry about parking tickets so much. Zip codes like 19111 and 19149, where poverty rates are below 8 percent, have seen only 57,000 and 78,000 tickets respectively in that same period. You also have a better chance of avoiding parking tickets in zip codes like 19118—which enjoys a 1 percent poverty rate—where there were only 66,000 tickets written. In 19154, there were only a little over 1,300 tickets issued; in 19150, there were only 5,400 tickets—these are places where the poverty rates are barely 4 percent and 8 percent, respectively.

The evidence shows that, in Philadelphia, the poorest and blackest residents are essentially paying for the bulk of PPA’s budget. A budgeted agreement that requires them to provide roughly 30% of their operating income to the struggling School District of Philadelphia. 

YOU READY FOR THIS? THE REPORTED REVENUE FOR PPA WAS 43 MILLION DOLLARS THE SCHOOL DISTRICT ONLY POCKETED 10 MILLION OF THAT A CLEAR BREACH OF THE AGREEMENT BETWEEN PPA AND THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA... Yet instead of opening a financial audit of their records based on a breach of this agreement Philadelphia decided to implement the "SODA TAX"...a tax that has yet again disproportionately affected lower class poverty strickened neighborhoods and struggling small business owners. 

To add insult to injury not only are the practices discriminate they are illegal. Why do we allow them to get rich off our back by illegally confiscating vehicles auctioning them off with no legal authority to do so. Parking tickets are a civil matter not criminal? Because they are a civil matter the City must sue you and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a debt is owed.

Confiscating one's personal property is theft by deception...auctioning it off without consent is also illegal. 

Let's stand up and get PPA out of our City for Good. 

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