Let my boys sing!

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Hello all! I'm creating this petition today on behalf of my two best friends, Keirin and Christian, who are both gay. They are the best thing that has ever happened to me, which is why I'm so upset.  They are both juniors and members of the LD Bell Choir and the show choir, Bell System. They both have a passion for musical theater, and for their end of the year voice recital, since both their voice teachers are doing a joint recital, they requested to do Best Worst Mistake from If/Then together, a song about two men talking about their feelings for one another.   They hand picked many other songs that could be done that weren't considered "gay" as well as that one, however, their request was denied. Christian's voice teacher simply said "Christian, please understand I accept you as you are, but I am not putting a gay relationship song in the recital. And that's final." 

This is extremely unfair, especially because there are female/female and male/female duets in the recital lineup.  If she truly "accepted them as they are," they would be allowed to sing the song of their choosing (so long as it's language and content are appropriate for school, which all songs they have chosen are.) There is no reason a gay love song should be regarded any differently than a straight love song. The voice teacher's have many other duets lined up for their recital, so why not let these two boys sing together?  This type of oppression is why so many LGBT youth are depressed and feel like second class citizens; they have been shown that they are a lesser person because of their sexuality. They have just as much right to sing together as a heterosexual couple. We have fought for equality for so long and will continue to fight until they LET MY BOYS SING!!!

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