Lets End the snobbery and Discrimination in 'Class driven tennis clubs'

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I have endured snobbery for years since joining a tennis club in my mid 20s from listening too condescending remarks about me living in a poor area too my local accent being derided.There was a silent policy at my old club that no one should be allowed to join if from the local council estate! Ironically it was the Estate I grew up in !, and yet despite these apparent weaknesses i became club champion within three years and won many club finals,I subsequently moved  from there,and can hand on heart say my new club(Wigston) is perhaps  the only club in Leics where snobbery doesn't pervade and poison.There are hundreds of stories I have heard over the years where people have left local tennis clubs  because of snobbery ,or their face not fitting,i live close to Oadby (subtle hint),towards all clubs within that compass),Most  clubs adopt a policy of zero tolerance toward racism, sexism and bullying,I feel that snobbery and disdain toward the poor and vulnerable  is a more powerful discriminant than all of the discouraged prejudices.If we stamp out snobbery and discouragement of working class and the poor joining,we can have more inclusive clubs and potentially  have more players coming through that are from poorer families,nearly all pro players come from very wealthy families,not their fault, but let's end this exclusion,I'd like the.L.T.A to adopt a policy of inclusion at tennis clubs for all,whatever class background and to encourage all clubs across the country to include  and except entries from all backgrounds  ,rich or poor,!!tennis is a sport to enjoy,everyone should be  welcomed and encouraged to participate ,I feel we need individual committees to be encouraged by the governing L.T.A to include everyone and stop this elitism in tennis,,Wimbledon maintains this elitist attitude, whites,tradition,many perceive tennis as something not for them as its for the wealthy,we need to stop this mindset I believe.I hope people will sign this,not just tennis lovers but people that want to end snobbery, barriers preventing inclusion and an end to this out dated ethic.Wigston club welcomes everyone and we have a collective ideal ,the chairman and committee won't tolereate snobbery,cliques rarely form.

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