'Evyns Law'

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My 15 year old son was trying to fit in and find himself. He got involved with a group of individuals who are violent juvenile offenders. This group of juveniles kidnapped him while one was in trunk of car and rest of them beating him up on the way to the east mountains. When they got to the top of the mountain,they  threw him out, the one jumped out of the trunk of the car, and they shot him three times and left him to die!!! The children's code protects juveniles when they get in trouble and I feel very strongly about changing that particular law! One of the juveniles already took a plea last week of five years! that's all he's getting is five years for the involvement in my son's kidnapping and death! So,five years in the Juvenile Detention center! I can't find a reasonable explanation on how that is going to prevent that particular child in the future from being involved with violence again! I feel like the same law should apply to anybody, adult or juvenile, who makes a decision that results in death from gun violence! If the mandatory sentence is a life sentence, I am optimistic about people thinking twice before being involved with gun violence that results in the death of a child!