Keep our children safe at school

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As parents, our number one priority is our children. We send them to school, thinking they are safe there. Not only do they have to deal with the daily struggles of homework, tests, bullying and gossip but now more than ever they are worried about mass school shootings.

We as a country need to keep our children safe!! The children, staff and family that mourn their loss are victims in mass shootings.

We need more protection at the schools and no amount is too much when it's for our kids. We need bullet proof window, ALL DOORS must be locked and metal detectors need to be put in.

Bullying starts this problem and many people that speak out about bullying, don't realize their own kids are the bullies. Bullies are mostly hurt kids who also have a bad background that no one stops to listen to or help them out.

Instead of pointing fingers at each other of what could be and what we think others should do, while it's just talked about, let's actually make a difference and make the school's safer. It's a new day and age and it is time to adapt to mass shootings being part of a norm in our society. So before another catastrophic event happens in another school with innocent children, let's bring more safety into the schools!  

Say yes to bullet proof window, school doors remaining locked and metal detectors need to be put in to be able to enter the school. 


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