Change SC law, protect our kids

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Every mothers job is to protect their child in every way possible. Imagine feeling like your watching your child drown and your hands are tied behind your back, hopeless screaming for help and everyone around you hears nothing. That is my everyday.

To paint the picture of the severity of my situation but with also trying to guard my childs father is currently incarrcerated sentanced to 25 years for unspeakable crimes; child neglect and sexual misconduct of a minor. While my child is not the direct victim of his actions, she suffers greatly.

The laws in my state state grandparent s are given rights if a parent is unable to exercise their rights; being that he has now been there for years, his mother has obtained an order for visitation with my child.

This is not typical grandparent/grandchild relationship, my child's emotional needs and future are not taken into consideration, she is forced to talk to her father on the phone, the grandmother has been emotionally forceful for my daughter to continue a 'make believed' relationship with her father who she does not remember. The grandmother is very indenial of her sons charges and conviction and puts my daughter in the middle of some very unbelievable situations.

Recently the father has been granted an appeal on his case. Due to this he will be eligible for bond and the opportunity to get out. As any parent could imagine this is a complete nightmare. And anyone who has been in family court knows how tricky it can be, but schools will allow ANY biological parent to pick their children up if there is NO court order stating that they cannot due so.

I have been in an endless battle to overcome the technicalities of the black and white laws that surround our situation.

But now due to the changes and possibility that the father may be released until he goes back to court, and would be residing with his mother in which my child is forced to spend weekends with, I am needing to get funds to obtain a new retainer.

I need to act as quickly as possible and would not reach out to the public for help if I did not need to; I have exasorbated all resources financially in precious attempts to stop this madness. 

A mother should not have to choose between fighting for what is right for her child and financial suicide. It is absolutely unjust that the one thing that is suppose to be the most joyed time of your life is taken away because you spend every waking moment and at many times sleeping ones too, worried that you are having to force your child in the middle of such circumstances. 

I am sharing my story for several reasons, to raise awareness, give a warning to those who need to fight for their kids and pay attention to any warning signs, and to regretably ask for assistance as I have exasperated every resource at my finger tips to continue this fight. 

Please know that every bit of consideration, prayers, sharing of this story if you cannot help financially, and any financial help is beyond appreciated in ways you cannot fathom...

To help with any assistance for my situation please visit.