Change Mental Health Laws to protect minors from being misdiagnosed/wrongfully medicated!

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Lawmakers need to change our Mental Health Laws to better protect minors from being misdiagnosed and wrongfully medicated by changing the Psychiatry Industry's Standard of Care Practices to include exhausting all noninvasive testing options (such as brain mapping, behavioral auditory and visual testing) and treatments protocols (such as neurofeedback, behavioral auditory and vision therapy) before psychiatrists can prescribe medications (such as anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers, and stimulants) to minors. 

With the rapid rise in the number of ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, etc. in children being diagnosed today, it is time to stand up for every parent's right to know all available tests have been conducted to confirm a child's diagnosis, and every non-evasive treatment option available has been attempted to treat a child, before a psychiatrist can prescribe mind-altering drugs to a minor.

Lawmakers also need to require insurance companies to include these types of noninvasive tests and treatments in their coverage. A parent should not have to pay 100% cash out-of-pocket to seek alternative options to drugs for their children.

Drugs should be the last resort not the first line of defense!

It is time to stand up for the fragile developing brains of our minors and demand change...