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Lawmakers BOYCOTT this year's {and next year's} National Prayer Breakfast, sponsored by Homophobes

Every year, the first Thursday of February {this year, on Feb. 4th}, the President, members of his Cabinet, members of Congress, and invited foreign dignitaries and persons of power, attend in Washington D.C., the National Prayer Breakfast. Altho tokenly "hosted" by members of Congress, this Prayer Breakfast {at which major Wheelers and Dealers meet to Wheel and Deal Internationally}; is actually sponsored by a Religious group known as The Family, or "The C Street Gang". {For Reference: see the book by Jeff Sharlet, "C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy".}

Well, let's leave aside for the moment, the fact that this is a GROSS violation of the Separation of Church and State, as set forth in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution! Also the fact that, this "C Street Gang" has been involved in some very questionable financial activities, and sex scandals, which I am sure you can google and look up even if you don't read the book.....

Leaving all that aside, here is the REAL shocker. Last year, members of The Family, who also practice a very Fundamentalist form of "Christianity", they CLAIM {altho all the Christians that *I* ever knew, would deny it!};  went over to UGANDA, where they have co-religionists who are ALSO members of The Family {which is International}. AT THE FAMILY'S URGING, one of their members, DAVID BAHATI, introduced to the Ugandan Parliament, the {now-notorious-among-LGBT people} ANTI-HOMOSEXUALITY BILL; which, among other provisions, envisages DEATH BY HANGING, the Death Penalty, for something called "Aggravated Homosexuality". {Since The Family was clearly LOSING the fight against social acceptance and Equality of LGBT people, in Europe and the U.S., they envision getting a huge anti-Gay wave to re-stigmatize homosexuality, started in AFRICA.......}

Well, last year, at the National Prayer Breakfast attended by President Obama, he as well as Secretary of State Clinton, DENOUNCED this horrendous bill; and, this year, David Bahati was UN-INVITED {oh wow!} from the National Prayer Breakfast. But, THAT IS NOT ENOUGH.

THIS year, and following years, the President, members of his Cabinet {heads of Departments like State and Defense., etc.}, and all Democratic Party members in Congress; should BOYCOTT THE NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST; as a SMART POLITICAL MOVE! Leave the Prayer Breakfast to the Bigots, the Homophobes, the TeaPartiers, and any other Republicans FOOLISH enough to attend! There are a LOT more LGBT people, and, especially, Friends and Relatives, Co-workers, Sympathizers, and Human Rights Advocates, than there are Blind Bigots -- who by this bold act of the President, will be shown just how far off-the-track they really are! A sure Win-Win situation, for both Boycotting Democrats, and LGBT people!

So sign the Petition, tell your friends, and you might also write to the President, and to your Members of Congress, Senators and Representatives, individually, if they are Democrats! {Or call them, or e-mail them. Easy enough to do!}  {U.S. Senate, Washington D.C. 20510;  U.S. House of Representatives, Washington D.C. 20515}

Letter to
The President of the United States
We are asking all Democrats {if not the entire U.S. Congress}, to have the grace and good sense to BOYCOTT the National Prayer Breakfast, this year and any subsequent years. It is not enough just to denounce the most extreme Homophobic actions of the Sponsors, as was done last year; or to dis-invite the most extreme {and well-known for it} member of this basically Homophobic group that is putting on the National Prayer Breakfast. The group annually putting on the National Prayer Breakfast, has revealed itself as incorrigibly and fundamentally Homophobic and the Enemy of Human Rights; when they went to UGANDA and wrote and introduced into the Ugandan Parliament, the now-notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill; calling for DEATH BY HANGING, for acts of "Aggravated Homosexuality", however they define it!

These are NOT views of Mainstream Christians; and it is no Political Gain, viewed from the most crass viewpoint, to associate with such Irrational Bigots -- no different, really, from that ugly Westboro Baptist Church, that mocks at our dead soldiers' funerals because "America tolerates Gays"! LGBT people and their friends and relatives, co-workers and sympathizers, make up much more of a "Power Bloc" than this pitiful remnant of obsolete attitudes! It would be the smartest possible political move, for the Democrats to withdraw and to leave the Prayer Breakfast
to the TeaPartiers, and other assorted Bigots and Republicans who don't get the message yet.

Please break with this unnecessary, not to mention un-Constitutional, annual "tradition"; and undermine any effect these very un-"Christian" Bigots may think they are going to exercise as "Power Brokers" in the world! LGBT people have seen through their Homophobia; which is now unsupportable by any person of Goodwill on this planet.

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