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Marnail Washington First time offender gets 40 years

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  Marnail Washington was a first time offender who was sentenced to 40 years in prison. The  judge states that he is serving and unjust sentence.  Before being sentenced in this case, Washington had never before been convicted of or charged with a violation of § 924(c). In fact, he had never been convicted of or charged with any crime. Thus, common sense would seem to dictate that he would not be eligible for an enhanced sentence for a "second or subsequent offense" under § 924(c). Indeed, for many years courts interpreted the enhancement provision of the statute as applying to only recidivist offenders. From the point of view of a 22-year old, 40 years is essentially a life sentence. Marnail has served 15 years, and now is 37 years old. Society generally reserves such harsh sentences for its most dangerous or incorrigible offenders, such as murderers and career offenders. This is because locking a young man away for his entire adult life does not serve a rehabilitative or deterrent function, as such a long sentence removes the incentive for reform and the hope that the prisoner will go on to live a productive life. As a punitive measure or a means of incapacitating Washington, Washington's sentence is grossly disproportionate to his crimes. A 40-year sentence is shockingly harsh given the nature of his offenses and his lack of criminal history. Indeed, this sentence is the worst and most unconscionable sentence the undersigned has given in his 23 years on the federal bench.  He has served more than enough time. Help give Marnail Washington a chance to come home and be with his family. We all once were young and made mistakes in life, but no one should be severely punished. Sign this petition to bring change to the 924C.  Your signature helps  eliminates stacking years on to sentencing, and it helps support the following bill: H.R.4261 - SAFE Justice Act. 


I greatly appreciate all the support❤️God, is the head of my life and to him I give all the glory. Your support has been wondering. Change is in the way❤️

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