Waive all non-residential leases during circuit breaker (socially & legally right)

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Businesses are forced to shut during circuit breaker. While businesses especially the non-essential ones lose all revenues, they continue to pay salaries with the government's support. Their losses will be crushing if they still need to pay rentals. 

Granted the government has mandated landlords to pass on the full property tax waiver to tenants. This translates to about 1.2 months rental. While that is helpful, the big question is why aren't landlords forgoing rental income during the entire circuit breaker period?

They should give at least 2 months rental waiver to cover the entire circuit breaker period. Their rental loss will only be about 0.8 month which is their fair share of our national burden.

We understand landlords still need to repay mortgage loans but this is paying for the ownership of their properties, not the use of it. Regardless whether they derive revenues from the ownership, the mortgage repayment is justifiable because they still own the properties not only during but even after circuit breaker. Not to mention, loan repayments can be suspended during circuit breaker. 

But why are tenants still expected to pay rental for the use of the property during circuit breaker when they can't? Why are they still expected to pay rental when the right to use the property for businesses has been denied? Tenants should be released from the legal obligation to pay rental when their right to use the property as expressed in the rental agreement has been suspended. 

And why should landlords still expect rental payment when even they as owners of the properties are not able to allow their tenants to use their properties for business? Hence they have no legal right to expect rental payment during the entire circuit breaker period. 

Legal obligations of all non-residential leases should be suspended during the entire circuit breaker period. This will also avoid all unnecessary disputes and stress among landlords and tenants. 

May the Law Minister kindly review this petition and do what is right and fair for all both landlords and tenants. 



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