Stop Automobile Manufacturers from playing with Indian Lives-Introduce Lemon Laws in India

Stop Automobile Manufacturers from playing with Indian Lives-Introduce Lemon Laws in India

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Pradosh Hattikudur started this petition to Transport Minister of India and

First of all let me humbly submit that this petition has nothing to do with just me or you. We alone can not change the way our World or Nation functions. Our signature an comment is just a single drop. This single drop can either evaporate or create a flood which can bring a change in the way these big automobile and consumer electronic manufacturers take consumer for granted and play with their lives and not just their hard earned money. We have to bring in more people who want the world to function in a more justified way.

We seriously need a Lemon Law in our country not just for Bikes and Cars but for all consumer durables and electronics which everyone uses daily. 

Please find below what a lemon law is

And here is a link to what our laws bind on manufacturers

When a customer buys a product, he expects it to be trouble free but as it is made in numbers, we agree that products may develop fault but the companies involved must take responsibility and own up instead of blaming the consumers and putting them into hardships.

I request you all to please support this so that we also have a strong Lemon Law where justice is not delayed and delivered in shorter period. 

The success of this petition will help us all Indians to have a law which can spare our time and money.

There have been multiple instances of such companies being arrogant with consumers a few links below

Harley’s Street 750 riders upset over ‘brake fade’

Honda :


RE Himalayan:

A Jaguar customer:

There are a few happy endings too but is it really happy? The fight is so long and time consuming which sadly not many want to go through. Manufacturers mostly take advantage of such loosely framed laws which take ages for judgments to be delivered

Royal Enfield:

In these particular cases it has more than 4 years for the customer to get justice. In 4 years, how much trouble would the customer have undergone can that time period be justified? Please observe the last paragraph in the link where our justice has taken unjustified time to reach to conclusion.

The problem right now is that the customer has to spend lakhs of rupees to buy, then add to the costs the riding gears, accessories etc which easily goes upto a lakh or more and then everytime there is an issue, the companies take normally 45-60 days to solve issues which now has become a commonly accepted trend,sadly by the customers too.

Why me? Here is my short suffering

Riding was my long time passion and after settling a few basics of life I went on to purchase a Kwacker super bike after paying about 8 lakhs. Everyone in my relatives thought it was crazy for a middle class person to spend so much on a bike. I however wanted to travel long and as most bikers say "Four wheels move the body but Two wheels move the soul" so bike was the best. 

After purchasing the bike I was very happy and started planning on my long time dream of riding through 29 State Capitals and 5 out of the 7 Union Territories of India. I started my ride on 11 Sep 2016 and passing through the state capitals of western states reached Aizwal on 22 September 2016. The next morning I started from Aizwal to reach Silchar Assam and ride towards Imphal, on the way my clutch assembly got jammed and I was thrown out off the bike. Luckily I was doing a bad road and my speed was about 20-40kmph had I been any faster I would not have lived to tell you about this issue. this is where my problems started. The bike was towed to Silchar, for which I had to pay, as they could not fix it there, I had to get it transported to Delhi again at my expense. I somehow completed my ride on a bike borrowed from a rider friend.

The bike was at Kwacker Delhi SVC for about 40 days, and fixed it under warranty but refused to share report as to why it happened nor gave any commitment that it will not reoccur. I then picked the bike later and rode down to Bangalore. By the time I reached Bangalore, the clutch assembly went bust again for the second time. Luckily I took it to the Kwacker authorized SVC on 28 Dec 2016 before the clutch assembly could get jammed and I met with an accident again. The SVC kept the bike for about 60 odd days again and fixed the bike. This time too it was fixed on warranty but again they refused to share any report nor commit that the same would not happen again. I wrote to Kwacker multiple times and they did not bother writing back for a long time but finally they replied. excerpts of the mail and links to conversations are below.

Heights was when I spoke to a Works Manager of a Kwacker Dealer he told me

"You have no right to ask report or question us as long as we are fixing your bike for free" When is asked him "What if I die or lose my arm or legs in an accident which is caused by technical failure of the bike?" for this he shot back calmly and shamelessly "People meet with accidents daily, you shall have no report or records to show that the accident happened due to technical failure."

This is the link to the call conversation:

That was heights of rudeness and shows how much they care about customers and their safety.

As of now again my bike had the same issue and is in Kwacker SVC for the third time for the same problem since 13 April 2017.



Pradosh Hattikudur


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!