Rape Roko to support Swaty Maliwal

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Our Campaign
Every day, instances of rapes of little children are reported in the country. Recently an eight-month-old infant was brutally raped in the Capital by a 27-year-old man. She was found in a pool of blood and has sustained critical injuries. Her heart rending cries reverberated in the entire ICU and left us all angry and devastated. It is a matter of great shame that Delhi, the nation’s capital is now termed as ‘the rape capital’ of the world.

One of the major causes of growing sexual crimes against children and women in the country is a complete lack of deterrence. We believe that swiftness and certainty of punishment is a must to establish fear of law amongst sexual predators.

That is why we are demanding a robust criminal justice system, which ensures that rapists of children are accorded capital punishment within six months. And if punishments are to be exemplary, we need a stringent law, effective policing, strengthened forensics and increased fast track courts.

In the past 2.5 years, we have tried several means to move the system. In order to urge the Government to meet our demand – of ensuring death penalty to rapists of children within 6 months – DCW Chief Ms. Swati Maliwal Jai Hind has started a ‘Satyagraha’. She has pledged not to return home for the next 30 days until some concrete steps are taken by the Government to stamp out the rape of infants.

We hope that through this Satyagraha, a people’s movement is initiated in the country. When people throng the streets, the Government shall be bound to listen.

Our efforts are incomplete without your wholehearted support. Now is the time for you to decide. If you remain quiet today, your children may question you in the future.  If you remain quiet today, you may end up becoming a victim yourself. We must not remain quiet now. This struggle is not just ours or that of the 8 month old baby. This is your struggle irrespective of the religion, caste and ideology you may belong to.

Please join the movement.