Every Life Matters: Reducing Road Accident Related Deaths in Namibia

Every Life Matters: Reducing Road Accident Related Deaths in Namibia

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Thousands of innocent Namibians are falling victims due to road accidents.

This situation is very serious because it is busy depriving our country of the much needed youth potentials for development; 
as most victims in these road fatalities comprises of the youth population.

Road traffic injuries are among the 10 leading causes of death globally, that is why it is included in the SDG goals.
SDG 3.6. “By 2020, half the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents”. We believe that this is one of the SDG targets Namibia needs to begin with.

In recent times; Road accidents kills more people as compared to malaria and HIV in Namibia.

Making road safety a priority and innovation of road safety programs and yearly check up of cars is essential.

We are calling upon our law makers to act fast concerning the enforcement of laws and policies around risk factors , or implement laws if there isn’t any governing national road safety strategies that includes targets to reduce road accidents related mortality.

We are appealing to these agencies and law makers to carry on awareness and social marketing campaigns to increase the adherence to the acceptance of these laws by the public.

We are also appealing for intervention measures and plans to protect vulnerable pedestrian and passengers.

Proposed Strategies:

1. Train the general public on the proper use of the First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguishers at road accidents;

2. Fit all vehicles with First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguishers;

3. Reduce the speed limit of all vehicles to 120km/h;

4. All road users to undergo medical check-ups at regular intervals.

5. Incorporate road safety education and awareness and; Learner's licence Lessons accross the Curriculum ( extra-curricular or co-curricular activity).

6. To increase the availability of medical personell and support resources at local level in order to reduce the waiting period of road accidents victims.

We all have a personal history in one way or the other with road accidents.

We have lost relatives and loved ones at some point in time. It is very sad that this has to happen and we can't do anything.