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A hard working family was accused of human trafficking, the Sheriff Department and the DA's office says it has spent over a million dollars of our hard earn money on the investigation and the charges have been dropped because there was no Human Trafficking.
The people that file this charges against this family are liars, and hypocrites...we need to get lots of signatures so people like this, that have perjured themselves in a court of law get punished to the full extent of the law. They have gotten all kinds of benefits, cash, room, board, food, medical care by lying, they even got to bring their family members and the case was never even proven. They received permits to work and are in the process of getting their residency, while the accused family has lost everything and now the DA has sworn to avenge them and not leave them alone, she is now filing new charges and wants to see them in jail. This is a witch hunt. This petition is to pass a law that will help protect the future small business owner, hard working families and our community by getting rid of such people.

Please read the letter I have written the judge and help me collect signatures so this family can move on and raise their 3-year-old twin boys.

Thank you so much for your help and God Bless America.

THIS IS THE LETTER I AM SENDING TO THE JUDGE ON THE CASE (He has been great, we need more judges like him)

Department 41: Honorable Socrates Manoukian
Hall of Justice
190-200 West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA 95110


Honorable Judge Manoukian,

I Carolina Testani, as an American Citizen, single mother, hard working acquaintance and friend of this respected family ESTHER SANCHEZ, PEDRO BAREA, PAULINO OFARRILL  accused a year ago of HUMAN TRAFFICKING and other crimes that have appeared during the process, am requesting you put an end to this madness.

Through this and on behalf of the workers, mothers and all the taxpayers of SANTA CLARA County , we ask that the civil rights of these people be respected, that their dignity and the right to a fair defense be respected. During this hard and narrow year they have compile various violations from people of a low social profile and public order officer,  who despite the misuse of their power and responsibility have squandered the people's resources that are destine for humanitarian causes, and protecting our society from real criminals, etcetera.

This improper conduct of the law representatives put us in the target of being the victim of false accusations to all American citizens . The reasons why I have proceeded to collect signature, is to fight  racist behavior and discrimination in criminal proceedings.

Please protect this family, do not let this case go on because the DA wants to keep her 99% conviction rate, their lives have been thrown upside down over a bunch of lies, and the DA is intimidating them telling them that their children are going to be left alone because they are going to go to jail for identity theft now, and that Paulino has to plead guilty to charges that have been dropped, they also said that the DA wont' leave them alone, that she will be on them all the time, they won't be able to breathe without her knowing and this behavior is contaminating the peace of my community. Grant them, their freedom, since the suffering and shame they have suffered exceeds any past wrong doing and allow them to regain a normal life and they deserve a public apology from the DA's and the Sherriff Department for doing such a witch hunt out of this nightmare without merits.

Respectfully yours,

Carolina Testani
Representative of the accused

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