Occult Crimes: Effecting Everyone's Lives

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            I'm under attack by an occult, whom are elite members of science. I have 21 police reports surrounding the matter, but law enforcement will not investigate nor act upon the crimes. I’ve both walked into new stations and been contacting Carl Monday, Ed Galek and supervisors since May 2017. After months of no reply/response, I tried another outlet. Communication with radio stations have been similar. In addition, to the above are the City of Akron’s mayor and political figures outside the U.S. No response. No investigation. It does not help that I’m utilizing the social media platforms, which they control. The group has shut down all my personal resources. This means both accounts, and people have been altered to keep this matter from getting out. In hopes that I’d submit. 


            This means all the healthy relationships I’ve maintained all my life or 10+ years, suddenly changed. There was NO falling out. It can be witnessed, by looking at my pages. The people I know LOVE me, and their impostors are clearly unbothered, unwilling, and unashamed. They will not acknowledge nor share, and blatantly ignore what’s been happening, something my people WOULD NEVER DO! Upon taking their assignments their number one “do not” is to “do not support her”, because financially I must struggle (Revelation 13:17). For assistance, they’ve designated “one” the most disruptive and dysfunctional reptile. The first vessel attacked; my brother. And to accept the help of this individual, would be considered “making a deal” with the devil. On YouTube, occult alliances, corporate members, and private citizens have been my only viewers. With the exception of a rare pure heart, that eventually, they distract. It’s been cancelled in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Pages: Victoria Oliver on Facebook &YouTube, ToriO922 on Twitter, and 1sdivineo on Instagram

Occult Interest

These individuals are interested in the way my mind works, DNA, spiritual gifts, sex, energy, my discernment of the bible (they admit to tampering with), and to know how I’d restore the state of the Nation. Predestine have a way of knowing how to “handle people” and “problem solve” effectively. We have a covenant, but the nature of our spirit naturally upholds the commandments. This group both surveillance & live stream my showers. But their most prevalent demand, is I stay with possessed (since May 2017) ex-fiancé, Nate J. Ford, and get comfortable with them using his vessel, as a means for other travelers to be with me. For more information on how the surveillance team works, watch video titled “Threats of Death”. They have made numerous attempts to kill me, sample my DNA, mutate and steal my eggs. I have recordings of other women’s testimonies, but they have been attacked. As you can imagine their absolutely reckless, because the end justifies their means. It’s been REJECTED and cancelled in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!


The attacks are demonic and sinister, i.e. clones and manipulation of the astral body. For those that are wondering how one becomes possessed, and what it looks like. It causes the individual under attack to distinctively toss, turn, and cringe in their sleep. Often mistaken for restlessness. However, if you pay attention closely, you will notice they’ve taken on a different spirit, it completely manifests in less than 24 hrs. Matthew 12:45 references it, but with deceit. I’ve seen it manifest enough to know that multiple ones only house the body after the reptile has left. The people appear aggravated and agitated for unknown/unforeseen reasons. You would have to “know” the individual in order to recognize the changes. Because they look like, sound like, and display mannerisms like your kin, friends, acquaintances. Pure hearts survive the attacks because they possess a spirit that cannot be altered, aka the “Holy Spirit of Divinity”. Minus the etheric layer (emotions) most are unable to sustain leaving the astral layer more vulnerable. Other crimes include, record changing, insurance fraud, system changes, tampering with camera’s, hospitalizing relatives, etc. It’s been EXPOSED in the name of the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

The astral body is part of the energetic body that is most commonly associated with the subconscious mind and travel during sleep. Attacks during the wake or conscious state create confusion and clouds judgement. This phenomenon includes memory removal, alteration, swapping cells, cell theft, and reimaging. Corrupt neuroscience: that involves peripheral and central nerve system invasion. Electromagnetic frequency, radiation, and ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) are their primary weapons of choice, and it throws off their/your electrochemical brain waves. This has been “especially” applied to those I know and anyone w/o a pure heart eager to act. Electro convulsion causes seizures and rises blood pressure, this is why VIBRATIONS are key. The higher your vibrations the more unsuccessful their attacks are. 

Chemical waves are responsible for neurons communication with other nerve cell. For those that are magnetic healers like me, this is a HUGE PROBLEM! Neuro-sensations are linked to the clone via RFID chip implant. I feel everything they do to their “image” of me. How did I get chipped? The group orchestrated a drug induced blackout November 2015, during an outing w/ a family member. The doctors ran no test but installed RFID Chip Implant while I was unconscious. Because I’ve never passed out before there’s only one other occasion the chip could have been installed. Which means the blackout would have been a decoy, and that’s birth. The reason they avoid women giving birth without a nurse in the room, is the child would be considered sovereign. Unable to be claimed by the city state and corporation of the United States. All citizens are owned and governed multiple times.  


At the time of the blackout, I was both self-employed and held a full time temporary position. Started school for Psychology that coming February 2016. And moved to California February the following year. A series of attacks took place between then and now. I wasn’t able to make sense of them until they (occult men and women) made themselves noticed in 2017. Towards the end of March, they began to talk and follow me. Admitting to many things, but the most disturbing was following and spying on me for 14 years. Which actually helped with identifying 3 other attempts to kill me before I left Ohio.

Because the chip is radio frequency, it allows them to communicate with their prey ONLY. Even the most severe cases of someone, stating they hear voices. So, yes I hear their dialog all day long. In the beginning they were bold about their agenda because people don’t live through this, let alone make sense of this. I disabled everything in my car, trying to figure out where it was coming from, because no one just starts hearing people. Being knowledgeable of the chip since 2013, assisted my discernment. The connections is no different than a secret agent, and his person behind the computer. Only different is it was done involuntarily and I’m not holding my hand to my ear whispering. I refuse to allow them to label, medicate, or humiliate.

 Later they began shocking the heart and chest of the clone, in hopes that it would manifest a self-induced heart attack. When I’d go to the hospital nothing would show on the EKG because my physical body was fine. This is a sophisticated way of killing people; it looks like there’s no cause. Amongst other things, the clones are used for sex, to assist the process for application of satanic rituals and prayer manipulate. This is how they have pulled off false sacrifices in my case, because I wouldn’t surrender nor sacrifice anything, they’d climb into the clone and pretend to be me. But that’s mainly because of who I am, most commonly it is used to foster unforeseen ailments and sudden deaths. Now…you know why there’s a rise in wild fires.

April 2017 they stole my vehicle and left me stranded in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I flew home, with them trying to use the elevation to assist their attacks. Upon arrival, I had indents in my back, from where they were digging into the clone back to examine its (my) soul. Demon possessions started in 2012 with my brother. Although unrecognized at the time I noticed a lot of changes taking place in my family and began to take note and record conversations. The relationships were in good standing, and started to shift.  I only recognized the unfavorable behavior of the impostor, whom started to avoid me. Relying on his team of surveil lancers for insight. Would come by occasionally and make innuendos about our outings, travel, and conversations. Once the reptile was done he allowed others to house the body and resumed attacking my exterior relationship i.e. chiropractor, detective, entrepreneurs, accountants, pastor, minister, priest, friends in different states, and business.


They proclaim this is an experiment, they were told numerous times not to pursue me. Internal attacks such as experimental stimulants fail. The laying of spirits is a much larger threat, because they cause discomfort, drain energy, dim light, and hinder me from using my gifts. They altered neuro-activity on the clone to reduce the feelings associated with my emphatic abilities. I have many spiritual gifts, but their targeting my ability to lay hands and scan which is how I locate problem areas. They began to block and unblock different areas of my brain, out of frustration with disease not manifesting, pain associated with spiritual warfare, my ability to retain information, and photographic memory.

Essentially, every part of my brain has been targeted. Higher mental function, some Motor Functions, Broca’s area, Sensory Functions, Wernicke’s Area, Auditory Functions, Visual Functions, and Association. In all cases the complaint is the same, “she’s too strong mind, and in touch with reality”. On a daily basis they remove learned information that they have interest in, in the past would implemented my and even your ideas. I have had to re-learn real estate many times, not to be an agent, but an investor. They jam thoughts in the middle of conversations, and there’s pain associated with putting information back. The more I fight and stump on their mutherfucking NECKS, the more they put back. In essence, all will be restored. These people are lazy, an exact depiction of Devils, they lie, cheat, and steal. Every memory, multiple skillsets, vocabulary, odd facts, EVERYTHING! It will be restored, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Recognizing the Attacks

By pointing the laser at their screen they’ve been able to (burn) mark my face. Although, this attack happen once before on a much greater scale, it wasn’t until they opened up my energetic field (Aura) via IV that I could feel the attacks taking place. For movie critics, YES! It’s exactly, like the Denzel Washington film Déjà vu. This is elite (mad) science! Not being used in the matter it could, to benefit the wellbeing of humanity. If you take a look at technology and some of the things their introducing to the public, it’s a result of the attacks being made on me. Their trying to quickly bridge the gap of what can be fathomed and is available. Disassociating the welfare system from the state, it now falls under the county’s jurisdiction

Fracturing the clones’ front tooth on their end, caused my tooth to break with no reason. I kept it in with Fixodent for weeks before they took it using telekinesis. They hate people’s reaction to my smile, and thought it would keep me from telling what’s going on. Possessed the dentist, that now gives me the run around about the tooth. The day of a visit they spike my blood pressure using ECT, so the tooth cannot be extracted.

            I’ve pulled reptiles out two relatives, and others showed up. Right now I reside at a homeless shelter and their doing the same thing to the women I favor as they were doing to my family…giving them pain and ailments that I’ve been threatened with, but they could not manifest. A list of things that have come to past are: rare cancer cells, cervical cancer (false reads), staph infection, crippling (2 have had to learn to walk again), seizures, being held in bed, back aches for those with higher vibrations, pneumonia, lupus, headaches, ect. When the impostors show up they show up with ailments of their own, some limp, others don’t, some have distinct features that change the structure of the vessel, etc. Anything to cause pain. That’s until they find a way in. Once they’re in, the plot changes with the new spirit. Their hoping I will allow someone in, that they can get into, to sabotage the arrangements and attention I draw.


            I created the channel to bridge the gap between Science and Spirituality. Debunking tells of schizophrenia, and unveiling the men and women in professions doing the opposite of what’s required. This matter effects everyone and everything, the Houses of Worship, Businesses, Military, the World of Science and Engineering, etc. It entails how matters like these are possible. I’m dealing with physically tangible men and women that tango in the spirit world. Their guest are high ranking demons, principalities, and fallen angels. As the occult controls social media, they make a mockery of matters going viral, unless I agree to their terms. They are trying to hustle me out of money I have not made yet, for publicity. Problem is I won’t sacrifice NO ONE and NOTHING. I have passed out thousands of flyers with money I DO NOT have.

Surely, you’re asking yourself why me? I possess the Holy Spirit of Divinity (an unchanging spirit) and the Eve Gene (mitochondrial), which is a powerful DNA combination. They don't want the masses to know that "Angels" exist here on earth. It would restore faith, and expose how they've been attacking you and your families for centuries, with hidden science. They’ve watched me know, debunk, and share for years. They had to attack me before my status and influence elevated. The enemy always knows who you will be before you do. And they knew I wouldn’t sway for a man, money, nor position. They did not intend for me to live through this, and knew I would be able to make sense of how all the attacks were possible. I travel the world, and they’ve been able confine me to a five mile radius.

Note: I do not know who these people are, but most think they’re the CIA or another Gov’t agency. They can be caught on surveillance following me around in California and Ohio. The devil may be pretty but he isn’t nice. No one in their right mind can be against me! Listen to the nature of his/her conversation, it will let you know who you’re dealing with.


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