Ensure safety to brahmins! Please give us the fundamental right to practice our religion!

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Recently, in Tamil Nadu, brahmins,  a particular section of Hindus are targeted unnecessarily for a mistake, no way related to them.

In triplicane, chennai, a group of hooligans had cut the sacred thread  which the Hindus wear and they have cut their hairs.

This act, which is not the first of its kind, directly hurts the sentiments of Hindus. They are not given a fair place to live safely. This is a threat to their existence. This act is truly unconstitutional and the media is also not really daring enough to cover this.

Please sign this petition to stand against this communal violence. Please help us in bringing harmony. This is a land of equality. Requesting all my siblings, irrespective of your religion to stand and support humanity in this hour of need. 

Let's ensure that innocent common men are not targeted again.