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Law: Label and Separate GMs

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This petition should be supported because the future health of America depends on this petition. Genetically modified foods are harmful to ones body. Geneticallly modified foods can also be deprived of natural nutrients and their distinct original appeal. This may also prove inedible or dangerous to many animals. Genetic engineering as used in crop development is not precise nor predictable and has not been shown to be safe. The technique itself result in unexpected production of toxins and allergins in the foof and are unlikely to be spotted in current regulatory checks. In the U.K the genetically modified foods are already separated from the unmodified foods and the companies that genentically modify the foods are gaining no ground because the people in the U.K rather buy the fresh unmodified foods. Notice that the seeds of the foods that are genetically modified are not put into the U.S seed bank and they are most certainly not in the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway. If genetically modified seeds are so great and "better" than the regular seeds then why are the seeds that are not modified stored in the vault and seed banks? What many people aren't aware of is that there are senators that have their own stocks in the companies that genetically enhance the food so voting against their own company isn't going to make them any money. I’m asking for your help to make it the law that genetically modified foods must be labeled and separated from the foods that have not been modified. Please support this petition to help protect and preserve the health of our great nation.

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