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Law Enforcement Targets ( Stop producing and selling "No More Hesitation" series targets

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We as law-abiding Americans are concerned and upset about your production of "No More Hesitation" targets for the Department of Homeland Security officials, local law enforcement, and military personnel to practice shooting at. We understand as some law enforcement officers and military personnel have commented that these targets are used so officers perceive the threat (weapon) instead of the individual. However given the heightened state of terror awareness in our great country right now we feel these types of targets are conditioning law enforcement officials to shoot at ordinary-looking citizens who appear to be in defensive positions protecting their property and loved ones.

What percentage of actual "threats" involve pregnant women in their own nurseries? Children holding guns? Women in their homes wearing bath robes? A mother protecting her children at a playground? The number of white (all individuals are Caucasian on the NMH targets) individuals holding a single weapon in a defensive position apparently guarding their own property or persons surely cannot be great enough to warrant this kind of conditioning training to officers. Couple these target with the fact that DHS has purchased billions of rounds of ammunition and armored vehicles and you have cause for citizen concern. The point is many of us see the likeness of ourselves and our family in these targets and are offended they are being shot at.

We love our country and our freedom. We don't feel it's reasonable or prudent to train officers to shoot at average looking Americans depicted on the NMH targets. For example why can't the pregnant woman in the nursery, if she truly is a "threat", be neutralized with pepper spray or a taser? Why does she necessarily need to be killed? Officers wear body armor and are trained with different methods to neutralize a threat. Many of us have friends in law enforcement and prefer to train along side them to fight off a terror threat, not be shot at by them for defending ourselves and our families.

We, the signers of this petition, formally request that Law Enforcement Targets immediately cease and desist producing and selling these NMH series targets. We are open to discussing other images that could be depicted on future revised targets that in turn don't create cause for concern. As it stands we the American People feel threatened by the NMH targets you are currently producing and request it to stop immediately.

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