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Bring the Stablers back to Law and Order: SVU

I love Elliot and Kathy. I have so many storylines that they can do on SVU, so I'm sure I'm not the only one!

This petition is to get Christopher Meloni (Elliot), Isabel Gillies (Kathy), Erin Broderick (Maureen), Allison Siko (Kathleen), Jeffrey Scaperrotta (Dickie), Patricia Cook (Elizabeth), and baby Eli (no name)  back on the show. Fans miss the only family on the show. Benson doesn't have a family, Fin doesn't have a family, Munch has no family, Cragen has no family, etc.

I for one like Isabel Gillies as a person, an actress and as Kathy. She is a brilliant actress who plays the part really well. I would not want anyone else as Kathy.

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