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"Law and Order....NO SHEEP"Save Rick Eid and Julie Martin from the sheep .

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Please Help. It has come to our attention the Cray Cray Sheep in the SVU fandom are rallying together, to get Rick Eid and Julie Martin sacked......this can't happen at any cost.

The cray cray sheep huddle in their little pens together. They attack people if they don't like their personal views, blocking people by association, but ridicule them and talk about them at the same time.

And now they are after Rick and Julie. This has to stop. They say Rick and his team are ruining all the Characters and their beloved show.

Rick has saved Law and Order. He got rid of Drunken, lost her head and shacked up with enemy IAB bloke, forgot all about her past Margy and brought back Benson. He stopped SVU from being turned into a daytime drama where it was. focusing on the main characters personel lives and got back to solving crimes.......and by solving crimes I mean Ones that didn't involve Benson being kidnapped, attacked, tortured or abused, and required rescuing at the end.

Please we are begging you sign this petition to stop the Die Hard, Cray Cray sheep from getting their own way.

Or just sign it to annoy them which it will annoy them and give them something else to bleet about in private messages, or to each other as they have blocked everyone they are moaning about.

I thank you 


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