Put an end to government led LGBTQ+ persecution in Poland

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The silencing of the LGBTQ+ community in Poland is no new issue- its government, as have most others, have failed to provide adequate guarantees of rights and medical care to the community. It's now reaching a peak, with the country's Law and Justice Party (the majority party in the Senate) effectively removing all support and declaring that the mere existence of LGBTQ+ is "against family values". This movement started in early March of 2019, with some local governments declaring their cities and towns "LGBT free", making the act of existing as an LGBTQ+ person in these areas dangerous and hostile. This now applies for the ENTIRE COUNTRY. This is a government-led homophobia and transphobia initiative, and without direct action it will continue, and the lives and livelihoods of Polish LGBTQ+ citizens are already being put at great risk. I'm making this petition to ask the Polish Law and Justice Party to seriously reconsider their actions. These decrees seriously endanger a large portion of Poland's citizens. Gay and lesbian couples may no longer be allowed to marry. Transgender people may be blocked access to treatment- which will likely drive suicide rates sky high. This is direct government oppression, and for the sake of the people of Poland, it can not be ignored or left unresolved.