Sign A Petition For LAUTECH Management To Organize A Make Up Test And Exams For Students

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My name is The Voice, and I write to seek the support of all stakeholders of the LAUTECH community(Students,Parents, Lecturers, Alumni etc.) in my quest to move for a petition to the school management with at least 2,000 signatures standing in solidarity against an alarming situation on our hands.

This petition is to make the school management look into the situation of the bulk of students who were unable to write one or more of their papers during last semester’s examinations because they paid their tuition fee late.

Many of these students are final year students, who are to graduate this year 2019; they risk having an extra year if nothing is done!

I strongly believe that considering all we have been through as a people(strikes, tuition fee hike, etc.), no member of the class of 2019 deserves an extra year because they paid their fee late.

While the school authority believes students were unable to pay their tuition because they squandered it, the truth is--many of the affected students fund their way through school by God's mercies alone. I know, because I am one of them.

Lending your voice to such a noble cause as a stakeholder of the LAUTECH Community is the least you can do to to help.

I want to make it clear that my goal is not to lead an Aluta Insurgency against the school authority, but an attempt to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves in the most civil way possible.

The plan is to get as many signatures as possible from all stakeholders, after which the petition would then be submitted to the office of the V.C as a demand of 2,000 stakeholders in  the LAUTECH community calling for something to be done. All of these proceedings would be  widely publicized by every righteous means possible to further mount pressure on the school authority.

While I cannot say with confidence that this plan would solve the problem, but I know it is worth a trial and can make a positive difference.

Sir/ma, if today we remain quiet and refuse to act out of selfishness or cowardice, we would not be guiltless because the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Let me reiterate that this petition is not borne out of any ulterior motive, as I only stand to gain from the common good. I hold that the proceedings will not disrupt the peace we currently enjoy in our great school.

In hope of your support for this noble cause, I say thank you.

Yours in Comradeship.