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Keep Coach Frias and Sniderman as Cleveland HS Swim Team Coaches

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This is a counter petition to a claim made against Grover Cleveland HS Swim Coaches Teresa Frias and Sean Sniderman. The original petition claimed that the coaches have mocked, harassed, verbally abused, and neglected the swimmers they are coaching. As a Cleveland HS Swim alumni who has swam on the team for four years, I can confidently say that this is completely false and untrue. The claims made against Coach Frias and Sniderman are nothing but an attack against the coaches because they are unable to accept that their child was not a positive contribution to the team. Coach Frias and Sniderman support all the swimmers they coach and do everything in their power to create a safe and comfortable environment for their swimmers. Both coaches love and support their swimmers and do everything they can to help them grow as athletes and people. Personally, my experience with Coach Frias and Sniderman has been unforgettable. They have taught me that the key to success is through hard work and they have supported me throughout all four years of high school. They have pushed and supported me and all the other swimmers in the past to be the best people we can possibly be. 

The petition made against Coach Frias and Sniderman is completely false. Do not support that petition because it was made as a result of a parent being angry that his son did not make the team. In order to make the team, the swimmer must demonstrate a willingness to work and an attitude that supports the team. The swimmer does not have to be amazing because the coaches know that not everyone has swam before. If someone does not end up on the team, it is after a careful evaluation on this criteria. No one is left out of the team based on personal preferences. Everyone who is on the team earned their spot on the team, no one is just given a spot because they want it. That's what Coach Frias and Sniderman have taught us: that hard work is what pays off in the end. 

The petition against Frias and Sniderman is an attempt to slander their reputation and get them removed from their jobs so one child can make the team. He was not evaluated unfairly or harassed. The claim that the coaches have harassed other swimmers and verbally abused them is a flat out lie. 

If Coach Frias and Sniderman are removed from the Cleveland Swim Team, the entire team will be forever altered. Coach Frias has built the team into a family that supports and loves each other inside the pool and outside as well. She has taught us and continues to teach swimmers important values such as diligence, patience, and responsibility. Without her as the coach, the team loses many of the outstanding qualities that is has come to be known for. Both the future swimmers and their parents will be losing out on an amazing high school and life experience. 

Do not let one parent who is attempting to slander these coaches' reputations with false claims win. Coach Frias and Sniderman have been integral to my development as a person and many before me and will be for more to come. Please support this counter petition to secure Coach Frias and Sniderman as the Swim coaches of Cleveland High School. 

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