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It's becoming increasingly clear that the educational system is facing a crisis, and while there are no clear solutions, one certain way to keep students engaged and successful is by supporting great teachers with passion and proven track records, and programs that enable personal student growth and life lessons.

Mr. Lenoci leads the Italian Language Program which encompasses not only Italian language, but also culture and art and literature. Successful schools implement such programs as a means of offering students a thorough and comprehensive background in language, through the use of different learning modalities.

Truly successful schools recognize the qualities of teachers like Mr. Lenoci whose hard work, quality content, dedication and compassion help to form successful students. The administration at Westchester ESM is essentially eliminating the Italian Language Program, which will result in Mr. Lenoci’s teaching position being eliminated and possibly worse, fewer world language options for students. Please help us to urge and emphasize to the principal and the administration at Westchester ESM that the Italian Language program and Mr. Lenoci are an essential part of Westchester! We would like teachers to work collaboratively with parents and community members to fight to save this position and the Italian Language Program.