Female Products Being Accessible at School

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Many schools offer free condoms and promote the importance of sex protection but lack to obtain free menstrual products for women. We would like LAUSD to enforce schools to have free and accessible menstrual products for women. 

Every girl at school have moments where they don't have access to pads or tampons and feel insecure or start asking their female peers for a pad or tampons. These just couple scenarios of girls finding female menstrual products. When tampons and pads aren’t available, the alternatives women and girls use can be extremely detrimental to their health. Some of these alternatives include keeping one tampon in or pad for long periods of time because they can’t afford more than a small box. This can lead to embarrassment if girls begin to leak through their clothing and even infection. 

An example of state in the United States that took action to make free female products accessible to public schools and other public locations. “New York introduced a comprehensive package of legislation that required all the city's public schools, as well as homelessness shelters, and correctional facilities to provide free feminine hygiene products.” Now thousands of girls and women have access to free menstrual products and now many of these women will not pay around $18,000 all their lives for menstrual products.

The reason why we decided to create a petition was to make it accessible for all girls to get menstrual products at school. Many people live in poverty and it can be to expensive to buy their own menstrual products.It can also help many girls come to school without missing a day because of their period, also can help prevent health issues. 

And our plan is to go to talk to the LAUSD at their headquarters and discuss our situation with menstrual products being accessible at all schools.




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