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LAUSD Board Members and Superintendent Dr. John Deasy: Support Attendance Counselors (PSA) for all students in LAUSD

Last school year, over 2/3 of all LAUSD schools (68%) did not have any PSA counseling services. Without PSA Counselors, schools face declining enrollment, low attendance, and decreased ADA revenue. Chronically truant students are left with a void, without any guidance, support, or motivation to come to school to learn and succeed.
. LAUSD has received Proposition 30 funds that can restore vital services to all of our students. There are over 70 PSA Counselor rehire list, due to being laid off during last school year 2012-13 or prior years and need to be brought to service our students NOW!

However, there is HOPE.The "Creating Equitable and Enriching Learning Environments for All LAUSD Students" Resolution was passed by LAUSD Board in June 2013. Although the resolution is well intended, the proposed budget excludes Pupil Service and Attendance Counseling Services.

This petition supports an amendment to the "Creating Equitable and Enriching Learning Environments for All LAUSD Students" Resolution passed by the LAUSD Board and Superintendent in June 2013 and proposed budget presented in August 2013 to include:

"Resolved further, That the Board directs the Superintendent to add a Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor at every school site. By providing district-funded, pupil services and attendance counseling at all schools, LAUSD will be able to strive for the goal of 100% school-wide attendance, stabilize enrollment, and achieve 100% high school graduation rates; thereby leading to increased ADA revenue, academic achievement, and CST scores."

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