LAUSD Distance Learning to require full time live instruction this fall

LAUSD Distance Learning to require full time live instruction this fall

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Maryam Qudrat started this petition to President, UTLA Alex Caputo-Pearl and

Parents expect LAUSD fall distance learning to include:
1. Required daily full-time live instruction in all core academic subjects. 
2. Required consistent class schedule all semester.
3. Accountability: daily attendance, grades assigned at regular grading periods, standardized testing
to measure the effectiveness of distance learning.
4. Assignments and tests graded online so students and parents can view teacher corrections and
comments in addition to the assigned grade.
5. “Office hours” not counting towards required live instructional minutes.
6. Teachers to be trained on education apps that integrate the above 4 points in the features.

Wondering why your student seems to have only a few hours(or less) of online class instruction per week? Or why they have no face-to-face instruction at all? Based on current directives from LAUSD and the UTLA, the teacher's union, your child’s teachers are not required to teach classes live online. During this time of emergency crisis management, whether or how much a teacher provides face-to-face, virtual instruction is uncertain. 

Our children have a right to education and teachers have a right to do their job.  The public school system is denying both of these rights.  Technological advancements in the 21stcentury grant us many luxuries, one of which is that we can educate our children online during the pandemic with teachers conducting online course instruction. While it is understandable why the LA Unified School District ended in person classes, there is no feasible explanation as to why live teacher instruction was suspended. No parent is expecting the transition to online education to be simple or without speed bumps, but we do expect that our kids be provided an adequate education marked by real grades and standardized testing. If you believe LAUSD has an obligation to educate our nation’s future leaders full time during the pandemic, join us in forming one voice of support, SIGN THIS PETITION AND CALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. 

How many live daily instructional minutes will UTLA and LAUSD require of teachers this fall?

To advocate for our children, this petition asks UTLA and LAUSD to require full-time face-to-face, virtual teacher instruction for our students, and that teachers receive training on how to teach similar to that of local university models during the pandemic.

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If these basic distance learning requirements are not met in the fall:
1. LAUSD cannot expect parents to keep their children enrolled in district schools.
2. LAUSD board members cannot expect to be re-elected by parents.
3. UTLA cannot expect parent support during future strikes.

1. Parental Responsibility and Student Rights
As equal partners in our child’s education, it is our responsibility as parents to advocate for our child’s education and well-being. Every child in Los Angeles has the right to receive adequate education, including during an extended pandemic.

2. Face-to-face live online Teaching
Live online instruction is essential to student learning and must be a significant, regular, and required part of distance learning.  The teacher-student relationship, as well as online live human interaction, is critical to student learning.  All sessions can be recorded for those who need to log in at a different time. 

3. Consistent Distance Learning Expectations
Parents expect the specifics of “distance learning” to be clearly defined and consistent, without broad discretion left to each teacher, especially the minutes of required live online instruction. Parents expect functional live online class schedules implemented this coming fall at the start of the semester.

4. Planning/Training/Implementation
Emergency crisis side letter ended June 30th and LAUSD has done a phenomenal job of training teachers, parents and students as well as providing technology to use at home. That investment should not be wasted. Parents expect the district to be planning now for Q1, including for the five weeks of school leading up to "norm day".   Regular live online instruction needs to be implemented the first day schools open in August. Parents also expect the district to train teachers now with a live online instructional platform (eg. Zoom) as well as with an assignment/grading platform (eg. Schoology) so both can be implemented uniformly at the start of school this fall.

5. Safety Net
Schools and teachers provide a critical element of stability for students with unstable home lives. Now more than ever vulnerable students need their teachers to be watching out for their well-being at home. Since the lockdown began the National Sexual Assault Hotline has seen a 22% increase in calls from minors with 79% reporting their perpetrator living with them. To limit the ability of a student to develop a relationship with their teacher limits the ability for a student to confide in a teacher (a mandated reporter) when their health or safety is in danger.

6. Attendance/Accountability
Funding is contingent upon student attendance and LAUSD is bound to lose a considerable amount of money if they cannot account for students’ attendance.

7. Partners in Education
As partners in our child’s education, many parents kept kids home from school and walked shoulder to shoulder with our teachers, in the rain, through days of striking.  We showed up, and now more than ever we need our teachers to show up in our kid’s lives.

8. Enrollment Concerns
Parents are deeply concerned that the lack of live online instruction is driving an alarming number of families away from LAUSD as concerned families are looking into online charter schools, independent charter schools, and private schools.


Whereas, Studies indicate face-to-face teacher instruction increases a child's chances for success in school; and

Whereas, Teacher instruction can be delivered face-to-face online during Covid-19; and

Whereas, LAUSD does not require teachers to deliver face-to-face virtual instruction during the pandemic; therefore, be it

Resolved, That Parents support a requirement for face-to-face virtual teacher instruction and that these teachers receive training on pedagogical delivery similar to that of local university models during the pandemic; and be it further

Resolved, That Parents reserve their right to dis-enroll students if they do not receive adequate education and urge its state constituents to work with their state's universities and colleges of education to develop and require specific training to effectively deliver online instruction to students; and be it further

Resolved, That Parents urge its school districts to afford all students access to education as distance learning delivery rather than emergency crisis management delivery.  

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!