Cancel Laurier’s Final Exams

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I don't agree with how the University is currently handling the final examination period. I'm aware that as of now everything is subject to change, but giving individual instructors discretion on how to handle final examinations and grades brings up important equity issues. In a time like this, I believe the University should be moving in unison, like our country currently is. Also, as you mentioned in the video addressing the situation, students aren't currently expected to work at the same high level that we were prior to this situation beginning, and I'm unclear what you mean by that statement. Are exams going to be marked differently? Weighted differently? Or are exams going to be continuing at all? It is my understanding that some other Universities have canceled final exams, and I am unsure as to why Laurier hasn't taken this step as well. If anything, it is currently harder to study and write these final exams in a time where you stated that you know students aren't able to work at as high of a level as before. Under the current circumstances, I hope the University will announce the discontinuation of exams, or if they must continue, allow them to only positively affect our final grade, which in my opinion would be the fairest and most empathetic way to treat the students.