Income Tax Exemptions for Pet Veterinary Care & Medicines (just like people medical bills)

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Lauren Greenwood
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Pets are family. And like all family, their care costs should be deductible on yearly income tax returns. Specifically, veterinary care and medications.  For example last year my dog needed cancer treatments and surgery. The total cost was over $9,000. I could not deduct a penny of that as part of medical expenses. But my medical or children's medical are deductible. Pets are as much a dependent as any other recognized dependent.

This change in tax laws would not only help 2 and 4 legged families stay together in tough economic times, but also boost foster and adoption of pets from animal shelters and rescues, especially the older cats and dogs that have more medical needs. And, the special needs cats and dogs that require recurring care.

I have written the IRS for years as well as my Senators and Representatives to no avail. I am hoping the power of a petition will convince them this is important enough to pass a law making this a legal tax exemption.


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